Marvel Superhero Wearable Sleeping Bag

  • Removable booties
  • Thermal collar
  • Insulated hood

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Product Description

We have actually featured wearable sleeping bags before, in the form of the MusucBag, but these are something else…

These Marvel superhero-themed sleeping bags allow you to satisfy your inner child. We’re not going to argue over whether the Marvel Universe or the DC Universe have better superheroes, but what we will argue is that at your next sleepover you’ll now be able to act out the next Avengers movie.

These brilliantly made sleeping sacks come in four fantastic designs. You can choose to be Iron Man, Spider-man, Captain America or the Incredible Hulk.

Because even the most hardcore crime fighters need downtime…

These polyster lined sleeping bags will keep you warm and snug in temperatures as low as 7 degrees celsius. They come in a variety of sizes, for little crime fighters measuring 4’6″ to human giants at 6’4″.

Features include:

  • Reinforced boots that are hardy enough to allow you to walk outside
  • Double¬†zip entry and exit system.
  • Thermal collar
  • Insulated hood

Warning: These sleeping bags will not give you superhero strength/speed/intelligence.


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