Wearable Futon Air Mat


  • The wearable futon ideal for sleeping on the go
  • Made from nylon, polyethylene and polyester
  • Complete with air pump and storage sack

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Product Description

Ever wished you could simply collapse in a heap on the floor and feel surprisingly comfortable? Or do you hate that morning wrestle of trying to escape out of your sleeping bag? Well here is the solution, if indeed you were looking for one – the Wearable Futon Air Mat!

This excellent design from King Jim is the perfect travel companion, with its compact size an added bonus. Fastening to you like a coat, the legs can be folded up to fit different sizes, or provide varying levels of warmth from season to season. The ‘coat’ blanket comes complete with an air mat (and pump), creating the perfect portable futon for a comfy night’s sleep on the go. The only downside is the instructions are in Japanese..


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