Banana Corer and Filler

  • Core out the middle and fill with delicious treats
  • Transform a plain banana into something dreamy
  • The ideal way to encourage fruit consumption

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Product Description

Whether you’re a lover of the fruit or slightly on the fence, this new creation from DestapaBanana may just change your mind. Now you can remove the core of a banana and fill it up with whatever delicious treats you fancy.

Somewhat minimising all healthy aspects of having a piece of fruit, this gadget will transform your snack into a delicious, indulgent delight. From mouth-watering melted chocolate, to smooth, rich caramel – whatever you choose, you will undoubtedly improve the taste and enjoyment factor of chomping on an otherwise plain banana. On the flip side, this is definitely one way to encourage your kids to consume one of their five a day.



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