Blood Dripping Chopping Board

Blood Dripping Chopping Board


  • Give your housemates a fright
  • Perfect Halloween party prop
  • Just add a couple of fake fingers

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Product Description

While some people would wholesomely call this product the “paint splash chopping board”, let’s not kid ourselves. What it really is, is a “blood-dripping chopping board” -one of the most gruesome and macabre kitchen tools ever created.

Certainly not for everyone, this grotesque-looking slicing surface is designed to hang on the kitchen work top, making it seem like someone had lost a finger or two in the process of trying to display, unsuccessfully, some ninja-like knife skills.

For sure, no other chopping board doubles as such a potent conversation-piece, probably causing guests to scream in horror after seeing such a gory display, but still giving them a good laugh afterwards.

One of the biggest-selling novelty products of 2013.


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