• Come home to a freshly boiled kettle
  • Controlled by your smartphone
  • Stainless steel

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Product Description

Is your life so hectic that even standing by the kettle waiting for it to boil eats up into your precious time? Or perhaps when you are laying in bed on those cold winter mornings, the thought of getting up and the kettle already being boiled fills you with joy. Well now you can boil the kettle ANYWHERE in your home, be it from the bath, bed, or perhaps from the dining table so there is no need to leave your guests. Introducing the iKettle!

Perhaps another invention to make us that little bit more lazy..but who cares! This Wifi Kettle can be controlled by your smartphone wherever you are in the house at the press of a button – it’s that simple. What’s even better, if the kettle boils and you aren’t quite ready to leap up and make the tea, you can choose the Keep Warm feature. Or why not set Wake Up and Welcome Home timers, where your phone will ask if you would like the kettle boiled (we bet even your partner is never that efficient).

All of the above in an attractive, stainless steel design, complete with LED backlit control panel, soft rubber handle and filtered spout.


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