Mini Indoor Allotment

Mini Indoor Allotment


  • A herb garden for your home
  • Tend to your seeds in the warm
  • At your fingertips for cooking

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Product Description

Are you gardenless in an upstairs flat? Or perhaps afraid of stepping foot in your partner’s outside pride and joy (let alone hacking away at the flower beds)? Whatever the reason for your green-fingered caution, we now have the solution. Introducing the Mini Indoor Allotment that you can keep inside your home!

Tend, nurture and enjoy your precious garnishes as they come to life on your kitchen windowsill. Growing your own produce has never been so easy and rewarding. Imagine how smug you will feel when you snip off that first sprig of your very own homegrown Oregano to flavour your weekday dinner! Basil and Coriander will also be at your fingertips..

Includes 3 mini plant pots with drainage trays, 6 soil pellets, 3 seed packs and clippers.


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