Pac-man Style Lights

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp


  • The floating bedside lamp
  • 16 different colour settings
  • Strobe, Flash, Dim and Smooth Fade

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Product Description

The way this light is designed makes it appear as though it is floating centimetres above the surface of your bedside table or desk. The lamp can be remote controlled and believe it or not it has the ability to show one of 16 different colours. It also has a range of settings including Strobe, Flash, Dim and Smooth Fade.

They are 100% authentic which means that you can be sure of a certain level of quality, hence the price!

This is the perfect gift for avid gamers, especially those who love their retro-games. As Firebox have stated so eloquently in their description of the item, please note that this is not a real ghost. Though we cannot guarantee that it won’t cause nightmares!


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