Non-slip Grippy Pad

Non-slip Grippy Pad


  • Plain wizardry
  • Perfect for phones
  • Easy to clean

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Product Description

Don’t you just hate it when you upgrade your phone and you find that all the accessories you bought for your old handset no longer fit your new one? We have found that one of the most irritating cases is when you buy accessories specifically for use in the car. These Grippy pads are perfect to secure your phone for use as a sat-nav in the car. It will work with any phone and they will never lose their grip.

This innovation works on the same principles that allow a gecko to stick to the wall. The Grippy pad works without the need for magnetic strips, Velcro or any other adhesive.

If you find that your pad is ever losing its stickiness it is simply because it is dirty, rather than it is losing its adhesive properties. Simply wash with a clean, wet towel and you’ll be good to go.


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