Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja


  • 18 tools
  • Credit card sized – fits regular sized wallets
  • Will incite jealousy

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Product Description

Trawling through clothing websites, searching for the latest Xbox games, a quick dash into Menkind.. It is simply hopeless! He is the man who has everything. What else could he possibly need? Here we have it – something he definitely doesn’t own and something he definitely wants – in all its glory, the Ninja Wallet!

With 16 tools built into this nifty wallet-sized gadget, the Ninja Wallet will transform any ordinary Dave into a hero warrior. Guaranteed. With uses such as a can opener, wrench, bottle opener and screwdriver (as well as 12 others), this incredible device is surely every man’s dream?

Measuring in at an impressively compact 8.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.2cm, this is sure to be a Christmas winner.


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