Snore Activated Pillow

Snore Activated Nudging Pillow


  • Make disturbed night’s sleep a thing of the past
  • The pillow nudges so you don’t have to
  • And they all slept happily ever after

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Product Description

If you are slowly losing patience with your significant other, then look no further. Invest in the Snore Activated Nudging Pillow, and you’ll never have an interrupted nights sleep again. With the ability to detect when one begins snoring, a “nudge” will cause the sleeper to change position without a poke and prod from a despairing partner.

The integrated microphone picks up snoring vibrations, in turn inflating an internal air bag which will cause sufficient movement to make the snorer roll over. A comfortable, washable and genius invention – this product is any snorer-companion’s dream.

AC adapter included.


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