Spider Catcher

Spider Catcher


  • The gadget to catch your fears
  • Easily dispose of 8 legged friends
  • Arachnophobia is not to be taken lightly

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Product Description

Your partner is out, you are snug on the settee watching Bridget Jones, a calorific hot chocolate in hand. And then you spot it. Big, black, hairy legs poking out from the skirting board. That terrifying shiver of fear runs through you, so you grab for your mobile..then realise your partner won’t be returning home from his lads’ night to deal with your small spider episode.

And then you suddenly remember – for these moments precisely, you have the Spider Catcher! Simply reach out (no need to get any closer than one whole metre to the beastly creature) and bam. You have caught the spider and are safely depositing it outside, far, far away.. Ok, just outside the back door as Bridget Jones is still running.

The perfect gift for your Arachnophobic partner/friend – catching spiders will soon become second nature.


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