Emergency Piggy Bank

Emergency Piggy Bank


  • Great stocking filler
  • Watch your savings grow!
  • Emergency fund

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Product Description

If you find you are hopeless at saving the pennies, invest in this Emergency Money Box and watch your funds build up.

Replicating a traditional fire alarm, this retro idea for a money saving device is both cool and quirky whilst helping to deter that impulse spending.

With loose coins lying around, its inevitable that they will find their way into your pocket and usually buy something fairly useless (or sugary). Now with this supposed not-so-easy-access collector box, you can save those pennies, not to mention your clutter (and waistline).

The back does come off for speedy access, but if you prefer a more dramatic opening feel free to grab the nearest hammer. Health and safety sharp pieces etc etc.

Measures 12.1 x 5.1 x 12.1 cm


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