Bullsh*t Button

Bullsh*t Button


  • Great stocking filler
  • Full of profanities
  • Multiple responses

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Product Description

Have you always been known as someone that always sits on the fence, keeping quiet rather pointing out the flaws in people’s arguments? Well, with this button you’ll be able to call bullshit whenever your senses feel it. Simply press the button and it will light up, buzz and exclaim, ‘That was bullshit!’.

The reviews state that this was an educational tool that inspired creativity. Wait a second, where’s that button.

Watch Karl Pilkington describe what his super power would be below:

I’d be bullshit man. There are so many meetings going on where you know people are bullshitting. I’d just like to walk in, I wouldn’t need a special costume, just dressed like this. I’d fly in and I’d go, “Bullshit. You’re talking bullshit!” And they’d go, “Oh, it’s bullshit man” and I’d go, “yeah it is bullshit man, you’re talking bullshit” – and eventually people would stop talking shit.


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