Chicken Mask

Chicken Head Mask

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  • Surprise party guests with a little something different
  • Excellent quality rubber mask
  • Just don’t expect to lay any eggs

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Product Description

You loved the Horse, but now there’s a new guy in town to ruffle your feathers.. the Chicken Head Mask. An excellent quality fancy dress prop crafted from rubber, that is sure to bring smiles to all those in its presence.

Who knew this chicken head could prove to be so inspirational:

My life has felt like it was on a downwards spiral for sometime now. It had got to the point when i could see no future for myself. When I saw this mask I thought “what the heck”.

What a difference it has made.

When I first put it on I admit to being a bit wary, but soon found a new confidence I didn’t know I had. It seems others too have noticed it. I used to be the cleaner at Bodgett, Fleecum and Leggit accountancy, but this mask has changed all that. I am now the managing director of this large multi national company. My social life has rocketed and all thanks to chicken mask. It has given me powers beyond mortal man.

I will soon be taking my rightful place amongst the gods     – Sandie, Amazon customer.


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