Horse Spaghetti Measuring Tool

‘I Could Eat A Horse’ Spaghetti Measuring Tool


  • Perfect portion control
  • Excellent stocking filler
  • Horse feeds four people

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Product Description

Delving into the spaghetti tin, that overwhelming feeling of hunger suddenly lets your hand slip and into the saucepan falls half of its contents. You only refilled it yesterday. Ten minutes later, straining off those gleaming golden strands, you realise once again you have cooked enough pasta to feed the whole neighbourhood. Or a herd of horses.

Let waste be a thing of the past with this cleverly devised I Could Eat A Horse Spaghetti Measuring Tool. With the horse shape measuring out enough spaghetti to satisfactorily feed a family of four, that sudden urge to allow more strands to escape and bend into the boiling water is eliminated.

With four different measures to choose from, portion control will finally be under your belt. And not in the wobbly belly form. A fantastic and useful device for any household- spaghetti needn’t appear so frequently on that neverending weekly shopping list.


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