Onion Goggles

Onion Goggles


  • Make crying over onions a thing of the past
  • Chop onions all day long without a single blub
  • So stylish you might just peel the carrots in them

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Product Description

Dry your onion tears and become a happier chef with these unisex Onion Goggles! Their stylish design and foam seal will ensure you won’t ever have to keep a tissue hidden up your sleeve, for that very moment someone enters the kitchen to see you weeping over a mere cooking bulb.

In a fetching green and white design, the goggles feel just like an ordinary pair of specs, except these even have anti-fog lenses (we bet your reading glasses don’t!) So why not put irritating onion vapours behind you – a real first world problem – and invest in a pair of these Onion Goggles that are sure to change your cooking experience for the better. If this hasn’t sold them to you, they even come with a free protective case!


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