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What is a cookie?

Yes it can be tasty, but in technical terms it is a small text file that is sent by a web site and received by your internet browser. Once received it is stored in your temporary internet files folder on your computer and can be accessed by the web site. It allows you to save personal login details and user preferences. Only cookies from our web site can be accessed by our web site. Your personal login details for your web sites are safe when browsing on ours

How can I turn off cookies?

Whilst we don’t recommend turning off the use of cookies within your browser’s settings, below is information for the three main browsers:

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Again, turning off cookies may harm the user experience when visiting this site. You will be unable to login and unable to comment.

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More Information

Not all of the visitors to this website will be tech-savvy readers. We may have used technical jargon within the writing on this page that you do not understand. If you want to find out more information about cookies and how they are used by sites on the world wide web, please read information on the following websites:

Microsoft Cookies guide
All About Cookies

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