About us

DeliverMeThis was established in November 2012, as a result of the frustration we had when looking for unique, quirky gifts that would be guaranteed to spark conversation. Our strict editorial process differentiates us from alternative gifting websites, ensuring only items that really have the ‘eccentric factor’ are published on our homepage. If the innovation isn’t there, it simply won’t make the cut.

We have made searching for gifts even easier, for those who are not just casually browsing. The items have been split into separate categories for ease of locating the perfect offering. What’s more, the responsive design of our website means you can effortlessly navigate through the various menus, whether you are browsing on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

To clarify, we are purely an online platform providing a catalogue of the best, most diverse products available to buy online. The purpose of our site is to make your life easier by grouping such items in one easy-to-view directory, with a direct link to where each item can be purchased. We do not stock or distribute any of the items we sell.

You can also visit our blog where we will document the latest gadget news and reviews. Should you have any queries regarding the items listed on our site, or have your own innovative product you would like us to feature, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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